Most people know what DNA is. In short, it’s the material, a long chain of molecules, that carries all information about you. But virtual DNA, what is that?  Virtual DNA are the facts and statistics of your online behavior, collected together for reference or analysis....

We have officially reached a point in history where we have an entire generation of people who have grown up using digital media. From their first moments of life, they have been introduced to technology, that provides them access and connectivity to the entire world....

Just like that, COVID-19 has changed our regular cadence of getting up in the morning and going into the office to work. Most of us are now working from home, and even those still out working on the front lines are relying on their phones and laptops to stay connected...

Square One Shopping Centre is in the hub of downtown Mississauga and is the largest retail centre in Ontario. Mississauga is adjacent to Toronto with a population of over 650,000.  We [Suzanna Alsayed and Sherri Ireland] were excited to interview the women security lea...

November 28, 2019

Creating an insider risk program will require organizations to examine the known risks in a new context of how they manage trust, control access, understand and evolve corporate culture, and ultimately prepare to manage and contain incidents when they happen.

November 20, 2019

On October 24th, 2019 the ASIS North Texas Chapter held the 5th Annual Women In Security (WIS) Gala at the Tower Club in Dallas, Texas.  Needless to say with almost 200 attendees, the event was a runaway success.

(From left to right: Tiffany Shuler - Convergint, Lisa Fi...

April 22, 2019

This white paper has been prepared for ASIS International by two of its councils:  The Security Services Council and the Women in Security Council and it seeks to outline these significant developments and others in the security industry and to foster further discussio...

May 8, 2016

After a good amount of anticipation and the incredible efforts extended in planning the WIS Mid Year Conference, a group of 10 or so WIS council members (including our Chair, Elizabeth Moslander, Co-Chairs, Brittany Galli and Loye Manning) arrived in sunny and warm Nas...

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