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Our committee helps others to:

  • Discover things about themselves that they do not know (LeanIn)

  • Know that there is a support network for them to reach out to and a feeling of belonging. (LeanIn)

  • Help them to strive to be the best that they can be and achieve certifications (Certifications)

  • Helping them find what it is that they need to find that perfect someone to mentor and/or mentee (Mentorship)

  • Having them learn from others from their career paths (Ask a Mentor)

  • Providing them insight while learning new things via an (Educational Series)

Our  goals are:


  • Globalization - include all in the LeanIN Centered Leadership and LeanIN Coffee Breaks along with all presentations by our committee.

  • Branding: Focus on Women in Security through presentation of LeanIN, Ask A Mentor, Mentoring and Education Series with representing the three pillars of WIS Support Inspire and Promote 

  • ESRM - Focus on an Educational Presentation through our Educational Series on 'What is ERSM?'  

Committee Members:

Committee Chairs

Courtney Adante


Committee Members

Susan Hunter

Amber Dieso

Kesha Jackson

Bridget Guerrero

Heather Viccione

Nikki Luongo

Dayna Howard

Mary Hiscock

Kelly Maddox

Rachel Paskvan

Lana Djurkin-Koening

Heidi Tripp

Kristina Bebedzakova

Susanne Nill

Lisa Oliveri

Chenoa Lane

Kristin Mosuch

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