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The Era of 'Dirty' Data: Understanding Who Said What & How

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) estimates that between USD $800 Billion and USD $2 Trillion, which equates to approximately 2-5% of the global GDP is laundered every year. That statistic alone is a remarkable figure; one which indefinitely poses a significant threat to the global financial system, and subsequently, international security. Unfortunately, state and non-state actors across the globe have grown very sophisticated with the laundering of another invaluable commodity using media, and other digital platforms; information. In the current Digital Age, ‘dirty’ data, alternatively known as disinformation (or fake news), is being merged with legitimate facts and shared through various mainstream media outlets.

The goal of the article is to use the process of money laundering, in order to explain how false information is at present disseminated online. Then, we will highlight the key role of security professionals in combating disinformation campaigns.

Read the full article: The Era of 'Dirty' Data: Understanding the Who Said What & How

Authors: Ammna Nasser and Suzanna Alsayed, Women in Security Community