Publications Committee

We are committed to providing ongoing education and awareness to Security Practitioners through offering relevant and current industry information by way of White Papers and other publication mediums. 

Our Commitments: 

  • To inspire and promote women in security through industry publications produced by or via the Publishing Committee.

  • To raise public awareness about some of the most pressing issues facing today’s society.

Our 2021 Goals:

  • Increase committee awareness by producing and issuing formal industry related publications with a view on Women in Security subject matter, as possible.

  • Provide ongoing education and awareness to women in the industry vis-à-vis the creation and issuance of professional publications that highlight key security subject matter.

Committee Members:

Committee Chairs

Silvia Fraser

Lina Tsakiris 

Committee Members

Suzanna Alsayed-Hills

Sherri Ireland

Antoinette King

Carla Naude

Ammna Nasser


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